Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Organized

So I visited my classroom today to tackle my library.  And to my surprise, I didn't have much to do.  The last teachers did an awesome job in maintaining and organizing the classroom library.  As promised, my niece helped me to cover my books with contact paper.  I also had additional help from my sister-in-law.  The three of us managed to cover 100+ plus books in five hours.  I'm so thankful for them!  It would have taken much longer, had I done it by myself.

While in my classroom I took a look around to see what I did/didn't need.  I was delighted to see some board games that I have on my Lakeshore wish list, inside the cabinets.  I took the boardgames out to see if all the pieces were present, and sadly they were not.  I wonder if I contacted Lakeshore would they sell me the pieces.  I probably could make the missing pieces, but who has that amount of time?  I would hate to have to buy those same games again...........

I'm going back to my classroom again to begin cleaning and organizing my cabinets.  I can't really do anything else until the floors are done.  I'm trying to get ahead of the game because I tend to be a huge procrastinator at times.  I don't want to be freaking out a week before school begins, because I don't have enough time to organize my classroom.  So I'll spend a few hours in my classroom for the next week or so.


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