Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Proud Moments

I really need to do better with this blogging thing.  Yes, I know I've said it before, but I'm going to try and do better...But in the meantime I'm going to catch you up on a few things that took place since my last post...

Towards the end of March, we had consultants come to my school from Standards Solution, to help get our students better prepared for the EOY PARCC Assessment.  Well the math consultant raved on and on about my third graders and how impressed she was with their math skills.  She said she visited several third grade classrooms and that my third graders were much more advanced than all the other schools she visited.  It really felt great hearing those words!  Often times I feel like I'm not getting through to my students or my hard work is going unnoticed.  To have someone come into your classroom and tell you that you are indeed doing a great job, it is truly a confidence booster.  Our Academic coaches and Administration does a good job of complimenting the staff, but when you have a total stranger say those things, it just reconfirm things.  I just wish that more people could see how well my students have progressed over the school year, and not have PARCC overshadow everything that they've accomplished.  We completed the EOY PARCC Assessment the first week in April, and I'm so glad that testing is over!  

We've accomplished so much this school year, and I'm so very proud of my third graders.  I was able to introduce skills much earlier than last school year.  Back in August when I attended PD, It was suggested that I start the school year off with multiplication.  I'm so glad I followed this suggestion.  I feel good knowing that the majority of my students have mastered their multiplication facts and they are pretty good with comparing fractions.  Both multiplication facts and fractions were a struggle last year, and for this reason I'm glad I started both concepts much earlier in the school year.

Well that about sums up some of my thoughts since my last post.  But before I go, I wanted to share some more good news.  About two weeks ago, I learned that I was named the March/April Teacher of the Month!  I was ecstatic to receive this award!  One day I hope to fulfill my goal of being named Teacher of the Year.  

Until next time!