Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to School

Well I survived the first two weeks of school!  The first week consisted of two reduced days and two full days.  I'm now going on week three, and I really don't know how all the bloggers manage to keep their blogs up and going.  I have been so busy with my classroom and trying to stay organized that I really don't have much personal time.  Anyway, my first year experience is off to a smooth start.  I love my grade partners and our 3-5 grade level team.  My grade partners are awesome and they have helped me tremendously with lesson planning and great advice.  Some goals I would like to work on in my classroom would be incorporating technology into lessons as well as gain a better understanding and implement differentiated instruction in class.  Tuesday evening is Back to School Night where I will meet the parents.  I guess I need to update my classroom website sometime tonight........

Until next post!  

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