Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Vacation is Over!

Summer vacation is officially over.  Where did the summer go?  Yesterday was a very eventful day, my first day of orientation.  Although I've worked at this school for five years, it is my first year as a teacher.  In addition to myself, we have five new teachers.  For the most part orientation was good.  What I enjoyed the most was the Principal's slide show.  She showcased her k-8 school years, and spoke of how each teacher had an impact (positive and negative) on her life.  It was really cute and I'm thinking of doing the same thing for my students.  She also asked each of us to think of a song that describes us, my pick was "God in Me" by Mary Mary.  But I thought of two more that I love, "Beautiful Flower" and "I Choose" both by India Arie.  I consider "I Choose" to be my theme song (click on the songs to listen).  Anyway, as stated before, I'm going to create a slide show for the first day of school, so that my students can get to know me a little better.  I'm going to end the slide show with "Who are You?" or something along those lines.  This will start the dialogue up and break the ice. 

BTW.......Can you believe that I'm still organizing and arranging my classroom?  After today, I feel much better with my progress, I'm about 90% complete.  I have two more days (in between meetings) to prepare.  Wish me luck!  Pics soon to follow!

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